Vintage Suncatcher Necklace

SKU #10502

Vintage Suncatcher Necklace

SKU #10502


Take home a piece of Rainbow Symphony history with our suncatcher necklace medallions! 

Our Suncatcher Necklaces were once an idea in 1979 that never came to market and were recently rediscovered by Creator and President of Rainbow Symphony, Mark. These one of a kind, limited edition necklaces will have a few imperfections, but will make incredible rainbows. Just hang them in a sunny window and watch the magic happen! 

We recommend wearing them, hanging them in your car/ window, or just bringing it on the go! 


  • Can come in Radial Axicon Pattern or Our Dotted Diffraction Pattern 
  • Comes with a chain (includes nickel) and rainbow ribbon! 
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL - No refunds, exchanges, or returns.

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