Plastic 3D Glasses - Proview Professional Clip-On

SKU #03402

red/cyan 3d clip on

Plastic 3D Glasses - Proview Professional Clip-On

SKU #03402


Plastic 3D Glasses - Proview Professional Clip-On. Handy flip-up style that fits over most corrective lenses. Optical quality, cast acrylic lenses tinted to exacting color standards. Eliminates ghost images & other annoying visual distortions. Choose Proview Professional Clip-On 3D Glasses for viewing the recently released 3D movies on DVD and Blue Ray Disk like Hanna Montana 3D, Polar Express, Shrek 3D and Barbie 3D, Spy Kids 3D Game Over and The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl.

*Minimum order for Clip-On Proview 3D Glasses is 2 pieces at 6.95 each* IMPORTANT: To receive the quantity discounts advertised below,you must add the quantity you're ordering to the quantity box on the order page.

Please contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. about custom imprinting of your 3D Glasses and the creation of your 3D Artwork. 800-821-5122. Visit us  for examples of custom printed 3D Glasses.

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