Q: When will I receive my order?

A: Usually, orders ship out within 24-48 hours upon placement. You receive your order dependent on the shipping service you have requested and location from our warehouse.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes we can! If your country is not available through checkout, please contact us and we can try to help you with your shipment. sophie@rainbowsymphony.com

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We ask that you return your item for exchange or refund within 30 days of ordering your product. The product must not have been used. Please contact us to set up a return: 1.800.821.5122

Q: Are your Rainbow Decals & Window Film Reusable? Will they leave any residue?

A: Yes! They are removable. They should not leave any residue on your window and if they do, Windex will take it right off! 

Q: Can I cut up the window film? 

A: YES! We encourage you cut the film into shapes and designs! 

Q: What is the difference between rainbow glasses, fireworks glasses, and diffraction grating glasses?

A: None! People know these glasses by different names. We use all of these names so you can find us as easily as possible! 

Q: Can I look at the sun with rainbow glasses?

A: NO! You can look at different points of light, but do NOT look at the sun with our rainbow glasses! If you are looking to solar view, try our eclipse glasses, instead! 

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: Yes! We can take purchase orders, but the order must be of $100 or greater. If it is less, go ahead and place the order online OR contact sales1@rainbowsymphony.com to inquire in more detail. 

Q: Can you provide an invoice? 

A: Yes! Contact sales1@rainbowsymphony.com for your request.

Q:  Are these Eclipse Glasses really safe to look at the sun?

A:  Yes! There are safe ways to look at the sun.  You should never look at the sun without special eye protection.  Rainbow Symphony Store offers a full range of certified solar viewing devices.  

Q:  Are your glasses certified?  Have they been tested?

A: Our Eclipse Shades® have been tested and meets the original requirements for "CE" scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992.  We were retested to meet 2012 Transmission Requirements of EN 1836:2005 & AS/NZS 1338.1:1992 for eclipse filters. (Queensland Directive). Most recently, all of our Eclipse Viewing Materials were tested and meet the standard for ISO 12312-2:2015.

Q:  Can your glasses be used in conjunction with my camera or binoculars?

A:  The Eclipse Shades - Safe Solar Viewing Glasses should not be used with any other optical appliances such as cameras, telescopes or binoculars.  We do have our line of Solar Filters designed specifically for this application.

Q:  Can I get my Eclipse Shades® personalized with our company name and sponsors?

A:  Absolutely!!  Custom Imprinted Eclipse Shades® are a great way to promote any business, planetarium, museum, school or astronomy clubs.

Q:  I have an older pair of Eclipse Shades that I used for a previous eclipse.  Will they be Ok to use for Eclipse 2024?

A:  They should be fine to use.  We would suggest that you examine the lenses for any defects and make sure there are no light leaks between the lenses and the frame as a safety precaution.