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    Rainbow Suncatchers

    Color is to the eyes what music is to the ears.

    Whether you want to add a splash of color to the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, Rainbow Symphony is happy to help! Transform light into stunning living color by hanging one of our Rainbow Suncatchers to any window.

    Suncatcher - The Gem Series
    Suncatcher - The Gem Series $ 14.95
    Suncatcher - The Snowflake Series
    Suncatcher - The Snowflake Series $ 19.95
    Wizard Suncatcher
    Suncatcher - Mystical Magical Wizard $ 4.95
    Dolphin Suncatcher
    Dolphin Sun Catcher $ 4.95
    hummingbird suncatcher
    Suncatcher - Rainbow Hummingbird Suncatcher $ 4.95
    coral reef suncatcher
    Suncatcher - Coral Reef $ 4.95
    rainforest suncatcher
    Sun Catcher - Rainforest Suncatcher $ 4.95
    Fairy Suncatcher
    Rainbow Sun Catcher - Fairy $ 4.95
    santa claus suncatcher
    Santa Claus Suncatcher $ 4.95
    Angel Suncatcher
    Angel Suncatcher $ 4.95
    snowman suncatcher
    Snowman Sun Catcher $ 4.95
    Holiday Wreath Suncatcher
    Holiday Wreath Suncatcher $ 4.95
    happy face suncatcher Sold Out
    Happy Face Suncatcher $ 4.95
    inspirational suncatcher
    Inspirational Sun Catcher - Flowers $ 3.95
    inspirational suncatcher Sold Out
    Inspirational Suncatcher - Friends $ 3.95
    genisis 9 suncatcher
    Inspirational Suncatchers - Genesis 9 $ 3.95
    inspirational suncatcher Sold Out
    Inspirational Suncatchers - Rainbow Day $ 3.95
    heart solar rainbow maker
    Heart Solar Rainbow Maker $ 31.95
    solar rainbow maker
    Solar Rainbow Maker $ 31.95
    solar rainbow maker double crystal Sold Out
    Solar Rainbow Maker - Double Crystal $ 39.95

    State-of-the-Art Holographic Prism

    The power of our Rainbow Suncatchers starts with innovative, state-of-the-art holographic prism and laser technology and ends with pure spectral color. The surface of the suncatchers is a cut-crystal prism that diffracts sunlight to create dynamic rainbows. With three micro-faceted variations, choose your style of rainbow display and let spokes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet dance about the room!

    Created with high-quality materials, these suncatchers are safe, durable, and ideal for kids and adults of all ages! Most of our Rainbow Suncatchers measure 6.5” X 5.5” and come with a whimsical, full-color border of heavy, plastic coated paper board.

    How to Use Your Rainbow Suncatcher

    Each suncatcher has a vinyl rubber suction cup attached to the back to make hanging easy! Simply choose a spot on your window that ensures that the Rainbow Suncatcher is in direct sunlight and watch as it transforms your room with an explosion of vibrant color. Every hue of the rainbow will pinwheel around the room and splash each wall with spectacular color effects.

    You can hang the suncatcher on any window in your home, office, or car. Our suncatchers are powered by light and work best in direct sunlight—they even turn into a glittering spectral jewel at night!

    Everyone Loves a Rainbow

    Color has long been thought to instigate certain feelings and emotions. Even studies on the effects of color and light on the brain have proven that rainbows are able to create overwhelmingly positive feelings! Use our Rainbows Suncatchers to lift your mood and create positive energy in your living spaces!

    Experiment with your Rainbow Suncatcher and try several in different windows. Have fun coloring your world with Rainbow Symphony!