Solar Filters for Binoculars, Telescopes and Finder Scopes

solar filter 50 mm
Solar Filter 50mm Black Polymer $ 19.95
solar filter 60mm
Solar Filter 60mm Black Polymer $ 19.95
solar filter 70mm
Solar Filter 70mm Black Polymer $ 19.95
solar filter 76mm
Solar Filter 76mm Black Polymer $ 19.95
solar filter 101 mm
Solar Filter 101mm Black Polymer $ 19.95

Viewing and photographing the sun is an incredible way to learn about the world and the start that brings life to everything in it! Our sun is a fascinating object of study, and Rainbow Symphony wants to help you learn all you can. We’re proud to introduce our line of Eclipse Shades® Solar Filters that can be used with telescopes, binoculars, cameras, and finder scopes.

The Low Cost Alternative

At Rainbow Symphony, we’re always trying to find new ways to share our passion with the world. With the creation of a low cost alternative to aluminum cell and glass filters, now anyone can view the sun with high-quality, effective filters. In fact, our solar filters, are the same material you have come to know in our Eclipse Shades® Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Not many solar filters offer the same level of protection, as well as an amazingly natural view of the sun. Rainbow Symphony solar films always provide a more pleasing image, protecting your eyes while allowing the organic orange-yellow tint to shine through. Simply attach one of our many sizes and varieties onto your camera, binoculars, or telescope to start viewing the sun safely!

Our filters also offer more contrast and clarity than any other solar films, and they meet the Standard for ISO 12312-2:2015 too!

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