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    Rave Glasses

    plastic diffraction glasses
    Diffraction Glasses - Plastic $ 7.00
    Diffraction Double Flip Up Glasses
    Double Rainbow Double Flip Up Diffraction Firewoks Glasses $ 7.00
    laserspex fireworks glasses
    LaserSpex Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00
    GEMS Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00
    Assorted Neon Wayfarer Style Diffraction Glasses
    Wayfarer Style Rave Diffraction Glasses - Neon Colors From $ 0.30
    groovy 60's diffraction glasses
    Groovy 60’s Rainbow Glasses® From $ 0.25
    Rainbow Glasses Tye Dye Sold Out
    Rainbow Tye Dye Glasses From $ 0.25

    With Rainbow Symphony rave glasses and diffraction glasses, you’ll experience the world like never before. These glasses are exactly what you need to turn every twinkle of light into a cascade of color. Our rave glasses create mesmerizing patterns and shapes with specialty material that transforms a single point of into a spectacular constellation.

    Heading out to Burning Man, Electric Daisy Carnival, or Life in Color? Don’t forget your Rainbow Symphony rave glasses!

    We carry several kinds of diffraction glasses, including:

    • Paper Diffraction Glasses
    • Plastic Diffraction Glasses
    • Holiday Glasses
    • Fireworks & Rainbow Glasses

    Paper Diffraction Glasses for Lightshows

    When light enters these glasses, they create a pattern of multi-layered starbursts broken up into gorgeous rainbow starbursts. As the light from a light show or fireworks display filters through the lenses, you’ll see a fantastic array of dancing rainbow bursts of lights.

    Plastic Diffraction Glasses for Education

    Our diffraction grating lenses are the perfect glasses for educational purposes since they’re 30% more efficient than most other diffraction lenses. These amplify any light and all color more than other diffraction lenses, making them ideal for studying gas light tubes and diffraction gratings. They’ll splinter color and light into an infinite symmetrical display of mesmerizing rainbow patterns—keeping students interested and focused on the class at hand.

    Holiday Glasses

    Magic Holiday Rainbow Glasses® are an exciting addition to Festival of Lights Celebrations, New Years Fireworks Shows and Holiday Light Exhibitions everywhere. Specially treated  diffraction grating lenses turn every dot, dash and twinkle of light into a cascade of shimmering rainbow colors. You will be delighted how these glasses help to capture the holiday spirit!

    Fireworks Glasses®  & Rainbow Glasses®

    You’ll be amazed by the first rainbow burst when you wear these fireworks glasses at the next fireworks display. Printed in exciting full color graphics, these diffraction glasses are perfect for the whole family.

    Choose our rainbow glasses and experience the world in technicolor. Our diffraction lenses can turn any light show, music festival, or fireworks display into something extraordinary. Order yours today from Rainbow Symphony!