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    Light Diffraction Grating Glasses

    Our Light Diffraction Grating Glasses are the perfect way to lead your science class and engage your students in a hands-on experiment. Available in your choice of paper or plastic glasses, our Light Diffraction Grating Glasses also come in a number of different diffraction styles to enhance your educational experience and make learning unforgettably fun!

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    Diffraction Styles

    Whether you need glasses with 13,500 lines per inch, 500 lines per mm, or something in between, Rainbow Symphony has it all. Each of our Light Diffraction Grating Glasses separate light into its basic components for easy study and exploration.

    With our high-quality lenses, you can use customized light sources, like gas tubes in bright colors or standard light bulbs, to discover the key characteristics of light. The quality of the spectrum produced by our gratings is the brightest possible, with minimal distractions from visual noise.

    Diffraction Accessories

    After you’ve selected your Light Diffraction Grating Glasses, explore our collection of diffraction accessories for an interactive classroom learning experience. Our diffraction gratings come in a wide variety of formats, from rolls and sheets to slides and paddles. Many of our diffraction gratings can even be cut into smaller pieces or mounted into holders for any classroom activity.

    Project a spectrum of light using an overhead or 35mm film projector or utilize them in conjunction with colored film gels for additive and subtractive color demonstrations.

    Observe the World with Light Diffraction Grating Glasses from Rainbow Symphony!

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