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    Diffraction Grating Slides

    Ideal for both teachers and students, our collection of diffraction grating slides are available in a number of different styles to enhance your classroom experience and ensure a customizable lesson. Teach your class through an unforgettable visual display with high-quality holographic, diffraction grating slides.

    13,500 line slides
    Diffraction Grating Slides - Double Axis 13,500 line/in From $ 0.30
    1000 line/mm  slides Sold Out
    Diffraction Grating Slides - Linear 1000 line/mm From $ 0.30
    500 line/mm slides
    Diffraction Gratings Slides - Linear 500 line/mm From $ 0.30

    Lens Types

    As a teacher, you’re constantly looking for a way to spark curiosity and creativity in the classroom. With diffraction grating slides from Rainbow Symphony, you have the perfect solution! Choose from different lens types, such as:

    • 13,500 Line/mm Diffraction Grating Slides
    • 1,000 Line/mm Diffraction Grating Slides
    • 500 Line/mm Diffraction Grating Slides

    Each slide style has a completely different visual effect and allows your class to study light and color in a fascinating, new way.

    Educational Slides

    Rainbow Symphony carries two main styles of diffraction grating slides: linear and double axis. Both diffraction styles effectively separate light from any source into its individual components for easy study and analysis.

    Our gratings are the principal component in a spectroscope and are perfect for experiments about light and color. Use them with a projector to cast a spectrum of light or with our color film gels for additive and subtractive demonstrations.

    Durable Classroom Materials

    Our diffraction slides are available in sturdy cardboard materials to ensure that they’re tear-resistant and durable. Let your students play with them indoors and outdoors for an experience they’ll never forget.

    Explore the extraordinary with diffraction grating slides from Rainbow Symphony!