Diffraction Grating Slides

13,500 line slides
Diffraction Grating Slides - Double Axis 13,500 line/in From $ 0.30
1000 line/mm  slides
Diffraction Grating Slides - Linear 1000 line/mm From $ 0.30
500 line/mm slides
Diffraction Gratings Slides - Linear 500 line/mm From $ 0.30

Diffraction Grating Slides

Ideal for both teachers and students, our collection of diffraction grating slides are available in a range of different linear gratings to enhance your classroom experience and ensure a customizable lesson. Teach your class through an unforgettable lesson on light and color with high-quality holographic, diffraction grating slides. These slides can help reveal the spectrum to your classroom at an affordable price-point!

A Complete Spectrum Of Options

Rainbow Symphony slides come in multiple linear gratings; Double Axis 13,500 line/in slides, Linear 1000 line/mm slides, and Linear 500 line/mm slides. Whether you’re a physics instructor or you’re heading up a science camp, if your looking for an exciting, hands-on method to teach students about light & color, our wide selection of diffraction grating instruments gives you many different options for choosing the product that best fits your specific curriculum.

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Our slides come to life on a simple overhead projector or 35mm slide projector, but they can also be used with our spectrum tubes (available in six different varieties) to uncover the spectrum of a chemical element or compound in magnificent color.

When it comes to the awe-inspiring world of element analysis, nothing compares to a live demonstration. Open up your mind, or the minds of your students, with these quality diffraction slides!

Product Details:
2X2 inch slides
Material includes - high quality thick cardboard & diffraction grating

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