Diffraction Glasses

plastic diffraction glasses
Diffraction Glasses - Plastic $ 7.00
Diffraction Double Flip Up Glasses
Double Rainbow Double Flip Up Diffraction Firewoks Glasses $ 7.00
laserspex fireworks glasses
LaserSpex Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00
GEMS Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00

Plastic Diffraction Glasses

It’s one thing to read about light diffraction in a textbook, but it’s completely different when experiencing it’s wonders firsthand. With that in mind, Rainbow Symphony is proud to offer multiple varieties of plastic diffraction glasses that will keep your students engaged and entertained while witnessing light diffraction in real time.

An Affordable, Brilliant Experience

Our Plastic Diffraction Glasses are a cost-effective supplement to further your students’ learning that can bring the lesson plans to life in a unique and fun way. In today’s world, teachers have to find the best educational tools for the best prices and Rainbow Symphony is proud to offer this learning solution for your classroom.

Colorful Both Inside And Out

These rainbow-hued lenses come with a tremendous spectrum of frame colors to match. Our Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses® are available in red, pink, green, orange, white, blue, black, and clear. For the educators that really want to impress, we also offer these far out wayfarers in black light activated purple transparent and red transparent frames.

For a double dose of color, check out our selection of Double Rainbow Double Flip Up Diffraction Fireworks Glasses with five different frame colors to choose from.

Want to engage the sci-fi fans in your classroom? Try on these LaserSpex™ Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses® for size. These stunning shades come in a party pack of four different neon colors and they all glow in the dark. Our Gems™ Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses® also come in a range of colors guaranteed to draw the attention of your rainbow-colored onlookers.

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Have a question about our plastic diffraction glasses? Contact Rainbow Symphony by phone today at 818-708-8400, or by email at rainbowsymphony@rainbowsymphony.com


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