Diffraction Glasses

plastic diffraction glasses
Diffraction Glasses - Plastic $ 7.00
Diffraction Double Flip Up Glasses
Double Rainbow Double Flip Up Diffraction Firewoks Glasses $ 7.00
laserspex fireworks glasses
LaserSpex Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00
GEMS Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted $ 8.00
iffraction glasses

Diffraction Glasses - View your world in bright new colors. The rainbow burst will amaze you. We manufacture a full line of Diffraction Glasses. Diffraction Glasses are great for Parties and Raves, watching Fireworks Displays, Holiday Lights, City and Street Lights and even the Moon and Stars. Check out our newest item LaserSpex™. An exciting addition to our Diffraction Glasses Line. Festivals will never be the same!!

Need Custom Printed Fireworks Glasses, Rainbow Glasses or Diffraction Glasses? Contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. Toll Free 800-821-5122 Ph: 818-708-8400 Fax: 818-708-8470 rainbowsymphony@rainbowsymphony.com

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