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    3D Glasses - Paper & Plastic 3D Glasses

    Rainbow Symphony is a primary manufacturer of a wide selection of 3D Glasses. We offer many types and styles of both paper 3D glass and plastic 3D glasses. Paper 3D Glasses with Red / Cyan lenses, Red /Blue lenses and Red / Blue-Green lenses. Magenta / Green lenses are also available. All have different applications and all use binocular vision, the separation of the views in each eye to perceive depth. Special colors of anaglyph lenses are available in our paper and plastic 3D glasses on request.

    Both anaglyphic and polarized 3D glasses work by separating the two different views seen by each eye. Your brain then combines these two views into one 3D image or image with depth and that is how you perceive depth in a natural scene using both eyes!

    Need Custom Printed 3D Glasses? Contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. Toll Free 800-821-5122 Ph: 818-708-8400 

    Fax: 818-708-8470

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