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Executive Gifts, Magnetics and KineticsInteractive Voice Responsive Alarm Clock

The NEW Moshi IVR Alarm Clock is the first fully functional voice responsive alarm clock that can set both time and alarm by voice. Initiate commands by saying “Hello Moshi” and clock will respond, “Command Please”. Say one of 12 Voice Activated Commands and clock will carry out instructions.

Rainbow Crystal Prism Candle Lantern - The Love Lantern
The Galileoscope - Comes with Bonus 70mm Solar Filter - Great for Viewing Solar Eclipses and Sunspots with the Solar Filter
Moshi Voice Control Alarm Clock
Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock
The Original Revolution - The Ultimate Anti-Gravity Levitating Magnetic Field Spindle
Strobe Revolution - The Ultimate Anti-Gravity Levitating Magnetic Field Spindle
EcoSphere® Self Contained Underwater Aquarium
Laser Stars - Green Laser and Holographic Technology
Luminglas - Plasma Lightning Display Originally Used in Star Trek
LEVITRON® Ultimate™ - The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top
3D MirascopeTM - 6 " Optcal Illusion Generator
Deluxe Mirascope 9 " 3D Optical Illusion Generator
Mirage 3D Optical Illusion Generator - 3D Holographic Magic Trick
Black Light Activated 8" x 10 " Pinpression
Pin Art Pinpressions A Classic Executive A Classic Executive Toy Medium Version 5 x 7
Pin Art Pinpressions A Classic Executive Toy Small Version 3 x 5
Heart Solar Rainbow Maker
Solar Rainbow Maker - Double Crystal
Solar Powered Rainbow Maker and Wind Chime
Newtons Cradle - The classic Swinging Wonder
Black Balance Balls Science and Education Anti-Gravity Demonstrator
Chrome Balance Balls - A great Gravity demonstrator!
Balance Ball 2
Solar Powered Motion Airplane Ride Lamp
Solar Powered Motion Ferris Wheel Ride Lamp
Solar Powered Motion Twin Bicycle Racer Lamp
Solar Powered Motion Bicycle Rider Lamp
Pendulous Pen
Floating Antigravity Pen with LCD Clock and Thermometer
Kinetic Solar System Great Science and Education Toy
Perpetual Motion Machine - Jupiter Kinetic
Polaris Kinetic Perpetual Motion Science and Education Toy
Kinetic Motion Device - The Chrome Cosmos
Galaxy Swing Kinetic
Two Dolphins Swinging Kinetic
Dolphin Sealife Kinetic Mobile
Translucent Dolphin Ballgame
Mars Kinetic
Tri-Illusion Spinning Kinetic
Color Illusion Liquid Motion Office Toy
The Pomegranate Juice Press - Make Your Own Fresh Pomegranate Juice
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