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Diffraction Grating - Study of Light & Color

Diffraction Grating - Study of Light & ColorWelcome to Rainbow Symphony, your #1 choice for diffraction grating materials and products for the study of light and color! We manufacture a full line of affordable diffraction gratings for the classroom. Our diffraction gratings come in a wide variety of formats. They come in rolls and sheets, glasses and slides. They can be cut into smaller pieces or mounted into holders as a classroom activity.

Highly efficient, 13,500 lines per inch, 500 and 1000 lines/mm holographic diffraction grating lenses separate light from any source into its spectral components for study and analysis. Diffraction Gratings are used for the direct viewing and analysis of spectra from different gas tubes and other light sources. The quality of the spectrum produced from our gratings is the brightest possible with a minimum of distracting visual noise. Our gratings are the principal component in a spectroscope and are used for experiments pertaining to the study of light and color. Project a spectrum using an overhead projector or 35mm slide projector for spectrum demonstration purposes. Use in conjunction with colored film gels for additive and subtractive color demonstrations.

Light and Color Tutorial - Science and Education CD
Diffraction Grating Glasses
Diffraction Grating Glasses
Diffraction Grating Glasses - Educational
Diffraction Grating Glasses - Assorted Neon Colors
Diffraction Grating Glasses - Linear 500 Line/mm
Diffraction Grating Glasses - Linear 1000 line/mm
Diffraction Grating Glasses - Hand Held Style
Diffraction Grating - Rainbow Peepholes™
Diffraction Grating Slides - Double Axis 13,500 line/in
Diffraction Gratings Slides - Linear 500 line/mm
Diffraction Grating Slides - Linear 1000 line/mm
Diffraction Grating - Diffraction Gratings 6" X 12" Film Sheets - Min. 10 Sheets
Diffraction Grating - Rolls 6" X 200'
Diffraction Glasses - Plastic
LaserSpex Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - Pack of 4 Assorted
GEMS Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - 4 Assorted
Color Paddles Set Includes Diffraction Gratings
Color Filters - Set Consists of Six 8" X 10" sheets - Includes Bonus Sheet of 13,500 Line/Inch Diffraction Grating Sheet
Color Slides - Set of 6
Spectrum Tube Power Supply
Spectrum Tubes - Hydrogen Gas
Spectrum Tubes - Argon Gas
Spectrum Tubes - Neon Gas
Spectrum Tubes - Nitrogen Gas
Spectrum Tubes - Mercury Vapor
Spectrum Tubes - Helium Gas
Right Angle Prism
U.V. Detection Beads - Sun-Bow Ultraviolet Detection Beads
Black Light - 6" Hand Held With Flashlight
Blacklight - 18" Black Light Fixture
Solar Radiometer The Original Glass Sphere Powered By The Sun
Large Sunprint Paper Kit
Large Sunprint Paper Refill
Small Sunprint Paper Kit
Plasma Ball 360 - 8" Glasses Sphere
Plasma Lightning Ball 4" - Harness The Power of Lightning
3D Doodles - Anaglyph Drawing Activity Book - Online Puzzle Access Included
MARS 3D CD-ROM contains the very best Mars Exploration Rover - 300 Images
Mars Opportunity and Sprit Rover Commemorative 3D Glasses
3D Glasses w/ Mars 3D Poster - 25 Pairs
Hand Held 3D Glasses - Red/Blue Lenses
Hand Held 3D Glasses - Red/Cyan Lenses
Hand Held 3D Glasses - Red/Green Lenses
3D Glasses - Red/Blue Lenses Mini Hand Held
3D Glasses - Red/Cyan Lenses Mini Hand Held
Plastic 3D Glasses - Proview Professional Clip-On
Ultimate Plastic 3D Glasses, Anaglyph 3D Glasses, Pulfrich, 3D TV Glasses, Sun Glasses
Decoder Glasses - Secret Reveal Glasses - Red Lenses
Decoder Glasses - Secret Reveal Glasses - Blue Lenses
Emerald City Glasses - Wizard of OZ Spectacles - Green Lenses
Spy Glass Decoder - Secret Reveal Lens
Paper Linear Polarized 3D Glasses
Polarized Slides
Polarized Film - Linear Polarization Film Sheet 12” X 17”
Plastic Linear Polarized 3D Glasses
Eclipse Glasses - Safe Solar Glasses - Eclipse Shades®
Solar Viewer - #14 Welders Glass View Solar Eclipses and Sun Spots Safely
Solar Viewer - Optical Coated Glass for Qualtiy Viewing of Solar Eclipses and Sunspots
The Galileoscope - Comes with Bonus 70mm Solar Filter - Great for Viewing Solar Eclipses and Sunspots with the Solar Filter
Solarscope is great for studying sunspots .. solar eclipses
Solar Filters - Solar Viewing Film for Eclipses and Sun Spots
Rainbow Bouncer™ - Reflect Brilliant Rainbow Starbursts
Rattleback - Spin it and watch it reverse!!
The Original TEDCO Gyroscope, Light crystal prism and Magnetic-Trix set.
Rainbow Spinner an amazing spinning laser light show
The Original Revolution - The Ultimate Anti-Gravity Levitating Magnetic Field Spindle
Strobe Revolution - The Ultimate Anti-Gravity Levitating Magnetic Field Spindle
LEVITRON® Ultimate™ - The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top
Civil War Picture CD W/3D Glasses
Hubble Space Telescope Picture CD complete with screen savers
3D Space Adventure Projector - With exclusive Journey into Space CD audio tour
Best Of Mars Picture CD complete with screen savers, video clips and 3-D images
Death Valley National Park Picture CD W/3D Glasses
Moon In My Room™ Light-up Moon with 12 Lunar Phases
The Star Finder - identifies the 60 brightest stars and 40 classical constellations
The Pocket Star Finder
The Constellations Star Map - Lie in bed and see the constellations glowing overhead!
Hand Tornado
Tornado Tube
Human Anatomy Model - Brain & Skull
Human Anatomy Model - Heart
Human Anatomy Model - Skin
Human Anatomy Model - Teeth
Human Anatomy Model - Torso
AntWorks® - Habitat
AntWorks® - Illuminator
Newtons Cradle - The classic Swinging Wonder
Black Balance Balls Science and Education Anti-Gravity Demonstrator
Chrome Balance Balls - A great Gravity demonstrator!
3D MirascopeTM - 6 " Optcal Illusion Generator
Deluxe Mirascope 9 " 3D Optical Illusion Generator
Mirage 3D Optical Illusion Generator - 3D Holographic Magic Trick
Solar System Mobile Making Kit
Hoberman Transforming Mini Sphere - Mini Glow
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